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Free Blogging and Website Creation Platforms:

There are several free web-based blog and website creation tools out there for anyone who wants to create a website entirely for free.  These services allow you to edit your site directly from your web browser and don’t require you to purchase your own domain name.


This is a free blogging platform provided for free by Google.  Your address will be something like   Since it is a blogging platform, your posts will appear in sequence. There are several templates that you could use to customize your blog.

Wordpress an excellent choice for starting a blog. There is a great community around Wordpress and there are many templates to begin with.  

Vox is a free blogging platform quite similar to Google’s  There are several active blogs hosted on Vox and the interface is quite simple to use.


Google Sites

Another resource provided by Google, that allows users to create a real website beyond the chronological orientation of “posts” presented in a blog.  There are mutliple templates available.  Very easy integration of other Google services on your site including Youtube, Picassa Photos, and even Adsense. (monetizing).


This service allows you to create a basic site for free.  Does have premiums service offerings.

Weebly is the closest thing I have seen to Google Sites and there are around 100 templates to choose from.  Very easy to use.   


Free website building tool that allows “drag and drop” website building.  Free but also offer premium service. Site design templates are good looking and tend and seem especially relevant for those who wish to display a photo gallery type site.


Free but full featured version that includes a domain name registration through them is about 50 dollars a a year.  Templates are top notch.  For under 400 dollars they will design the initial site for you with a yearly maintenance fee of 50 dollars.