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Free Website Creation Software and Tools

Free (Downloadable) Website Builders:


A web-design editor that while not fancy, does work.  It requires minimal resources to run and will pretty much install and work on any computer.  (Windows)


An editor that comes out of the Sea Monkey Suite.  Very similar to Komposer, but directly from the people that created the popular Firefox Web Browser.  A better choice than Komposer. (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Serif Webplus

Our favorite free editor.  In fact, we use paid version of Webplus to create much of our content.  While the latest greatest version of Webplus costs around 100 dollars, you could get a limited version for free.  Serif Software does this because they believe that once you try Webplus and its simple environment that you will want to purchase their more enabled version. (Windows Only)

Coffee Cup’s Free HTML editor

You need to know HTML for this one, and it is not their most functional version, but like all the programs above you could get a website up with it.  (Windows Only)

FTP Software


Our favorite program for uploading and downloading files to and from a server.  It simply works and is constantly updated.  (Windows, MAC, Linux)

Coffee Cup’s FTP

A working, good looking FTP program.  (Windows Only)

Menu Building Software

Coffee Cup’s Free DHTML Menu Building Software

A great way to build an interactive menu for your HTML Website.