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Domain Names

With a few exceptions, to be taken seriously on the internet you need to register a domain name with a service like Godaddy.  Basically for about ten dollars a year (We have discount banners all over this website) you could have a domain name of your choice.   We recommend the .com extension,  but there are other extentions that may suit your need.  

“Domain Names could either be Brandable, A Trademark Name or a Generic Term”

What if the Domain Name you  want is taken?

First of all,  just because a domain name is taken, very rarely are all the extensions of your domain name taken.

Also, there is a chance that if you are building a commercial website, that you are willing to spend a little bit and acquire it from the owner.   

You could get the domain name from a broker or simply contact the owner directly.   Hint:  You probably don’t want to contact the domain holder with an open pocketbook book via a signature line that says CEO of ...... But rather send him/her a simply e-mail from a yahoo or gmail account.

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