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Monetizing Your Webpage

While building a website is a lot of fun, many people always want to see some level of financial reward from all of their hard work.  Others want to simply re-coup some of their costs of web hosting and yearly domain fees.

If you are like DevelopingWebpages, we realize that you might also want to make significant income from your site.  If you wish to make the big money (no promises and it requires a lot of work) than bookmark this page for our many ideas to gain money from your webpage.

Making Money from Your WebPage

There are many ways to make money from your webpage.  Please note though, that money on the internet does not come easy.  It require that people visit your website.    Website visitors are referred to as traffic and the more traffic you get the more income you will make.  

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular ways to make money through a website is through Affiliate Marketing.  

Affiliate Marketing is where a website pays you for bringing a visitor from your site over to theirs and then having a sale result out of it.  You get a percentage of the sale.  Note: Like with all advertising, they are leaving your site, and in this case you only get money if they make a purchase.

We recommend  You fill out their application and are then connected with many sources of affiliate programs.

We also recommend the Amazon Associate Program.  Here too, you advertise Amazon products and you get a percentage of resulting sales.

Pay Per Click

Google's Adsense is another program.

Your own advertisers.

While potentially the most lucrative, it is clearly the most time consuming, and you have to have a serious amount of traffic for random advertisers to be interested in paying you.