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Marketing Web Pages

The number one way to market your webpage is through good relevant content.

There is no shortcut here.  This means that you need to identify who your webpage visitors are, and write (or have others write) content that will make your visitor not only appreciate your site but want to come back.

Press Releases

There are countless Free Press Release sites where you could distribute your press releases electronically.

You could also end your press releases directly to relevant reporters for your sites industry.

Contacting Related Websites

Maybe you could agree to have a link exchange with a related website.  Explain to the site that you have already garnered this many visitors and you could exchange traffic by linking to one another.  If they are an exact competitor, good luck, but if they are related and not a direct competitor you have a good chance.

Becoming a blogger

One way to get traffic is to demonstrate that you are an authority in your topic.


Like blogging, podcasts demonstrate to your listener that you know something about your websites topic.  Their is also a great seo factor here give that your podcast is likely to appear on thousands of directories linking to your site.